It could probably destroy armor too, but if it heats it up till it melts then it still present the problem of killing anyone wearing armor, as well as anyone with medical metal.

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I might be wrong, but I think with a wave it would be eaiser to originate from a single point, in a single direction. That could work. Then the worst you’ll do to people is give them a few second or third degree burns. i see what your getting at about the amount of time being limited but it really isnt that hard to do trial and error practices to find the correct amount of time needed to heat the bomb to the right temperature. then all you would have to do is factor in the distance of your target and you should be able to set up a simple equation. i have not heard of any frequency of that nature yet but its definitely something i will look into. If you make it a “bomb” then you also run into trouble as it could destroy what ever launched it. Leia mais